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A modern view on the timeless leather apron, looks combined with usability and comfort.

Going from trendy bars, restaurants to food trucks, barbecue fans, beer brewers, barbers, our leather aprons can be used anywhere. In comparison to the standard leather aprons, which are very heavy and hard to maintain, our leather aprons received a special treatment.

This results in the following unique qualities:

Easy to clean and less vulnerable to stains compared to standard leather aprons, eliminating the cost for dry cleaning.

- The more you use the leather apron, the more the authentic look will be enhanced.

- The special treatment of the leather results in a very light product, with minimal neck torque and hence a high comfort level.

The rough look of the products are enhanced by using a "raw edge - single stitch" finish.

The collection leather aprons consists of three colors : Barrel Brown, Bourbon Gold and Moonshine Black.

Applying your company logo or name is possible via embroidery:Embroidery

Review of Jonas Freitag (www.tasteoftexas.de)

I wanted to take the time to give you some feedback on the leather aprons we got from you guys last year. We really couldn’t be happier with the purchase. For the past year, we have worn these things at dozens of events, covered them in grease and bbq-sauce, gotten them wet with rain and sweat, scratched and scuffed them, and they still look awesome. They’re also really comfortable to wear and the front pouch makes them very practical for the business of food trucking.

Thanks for making such a great product. We’ll be sure to recommend you to colleagues and customers!